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18 April 2011 @ 01:51 am
Lemonade Mouth: Letters Never Read  


le lettere mai letto

[ the letters never read ]



He swings his bag off his shoulder and drops onto the grass beside her.

"Your grandma let me in."

She nods and points at a small cloud. "Fish caught on a hook."

"No way," he says, his head coming to rest on the grass beside her shoulder. "That's definitely a crab. See? There's its claw."

"Fine. A boot."

"There's an umbrella over there."

"A bicycle."

"A microphone stand and a guitar."

"Glass of water."

He wrinkles his nose and looks up at her, his cheek brushing the material of her shirt. "You mean lemonade."

"I thought that might be too cheesy and cliche."

"Nah. I think it's totally fitting." She sighs quietly and holds her hand out, waiting for him to lace their fingers together. He brings her wrist to his mouth, laying his lips against her erratic pulse. Her arm tenses slightly, but he smiles and feels her muscles relax, her knees falling to the side to rest against his hip.

"I mailed the letter to my dad yesterday." His head turns and he stares at her, but she keeps her gaze trained on the sky. "Uh... a teddy bear holding a candle." He turns back to the clouds and he nods.  "I don't even know if he's going to read it."

"Why wouldn't he?"

She snorts. "Well, I didn't read any of his."

"You weren't the one in prison. You didn't leave him behind."

She squeezes his hand. "Didn't I? I mean, didn't I kind of abandon him too?"

"No." He rolls onto his side and scoots up until he can look her in the eye. "I know what it is to be abandoned, okay? People who are abandoned are people who are left behind for no reason. Your dad is in prison. That counts as a reason."

She blinks, and a tear falls down her cheek. "I just feel like--"

"Stop it." He leans until his forehead is pressed against hers, and she bites back a sob. "Just breathe, okay?" He presses a kiss lightly to the corner of her mouth. "Breathe."

She frowns tearfully. "You missed."

"Seriously?" he chuckles. "Saying lemonade in a glass was too cheesy, but you can tell me I missed?"

He kisses her properly.


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